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Enhanced holidays & living ın North Cyprus

Your Home In North Cyprus

The Almond is a beautifully kept, family owned and run holiday & living resort in North Cyprus, Kyrenia, were experience and ultimate care is its striving point! This charming Mediterranean Garden Resort offers daily - weekly holiday rentals in private holiday villas, suite & club rooms as well as short term – long term rentals and independent living options. All accommodations are nestled around the pristine, tranquil pool while being surrounded by artful gardens that offer not only an "open air museum" but a "feast for all senses"... This picturesque haven is based on the footsteps of the magnificent Five Finger Mountains of Kyrenia, only 15 minutes’ walk to the flawless sands of the Mediterranean Sea while being walking distance to local amenities. 12 km west of the historical Kyrenia Town & its romantic Harbour - Here you are guaranteed a home from home environment while you enjoy the Cypriot lifestyle…

1 Bademli Sokak, 99350, Alsancak - Karavas, Kyrenia, North Cyprus


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The Almond in North Cyprus is an invitation to indulge in a unique blend of luxury, tranquility, and authenticity. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of North Cyprus, our resort offers more than just accommodation – it provides an immersive experience. From the moment you arrive, you're greeted by warm hospitality and a commitment to personalized service where comfort meets culture, and every moment is crafted to create lasting memories …



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A unique experience where you dictate the pace, seamlessly navigating between the lively buzz just steps away and the tranquil seclusion of your personal sanctuary.


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Neighborhood in Your Area is Wonderful

Within 1-3 km walking distance The Almond surrounded by nearby cafes, restaurants both specialist & local where you can relish delicious and nutritious meals without the hassle of cooking. The local community surrounding The Almonds, offers dining options, including restaurants and cafes, where you can savor a variety of cuisines and socialize with fellow residents.

Within only a 15-20 minute walk (1.5 KM) from The Almond  you will find  beautiful sandy little coves that offer very safe bathing areas and also water sport options, bar and restaurant facilities. 

There are many more beaches within a short drive – you can also hop on to local transport called Dolmush, which are cheep and efficient.

A history of political and economic isolation has ensured that North Cyprus has remained one of the most unspoilt and least developed parts of the Mediterranean. North Cyprus is therefore, home for the most pure, unpolluted and the least commercialized beaches in the Mediterranean…The crystal clear waters will take your breath away….Most beaches have a charge for access but provide an umbrella and sun longer and a toilet facility. Charges vary from £ 1.50 to £5.00 per person per day. But the best beaches are the ones without facilities, free of charge and totally isolated – you may find that you are the only ones there!


For centuries Cyprus has been influenced by the cultures of many different nations, which has led to an island with a rich and diverse historical and architectural heritage reflecting over 9,000 years of civilization.  The Almond Villas & Bugalows are ideally situated to explore the region’s cultural treasures. Nearby, you’ll find ancient castles, monasteries, museums and charming villages where time seems to stand still. The historic city of Kyrenia, with its picturesque harbor and medieval castle, is just a short drive away.

North Cyprus is home to breathtaking national parks and scenic walking paths that showcase the island’s natural beauty and rich history. These parks offer a unique opportunity to explore the Mediterranean’s unspoiled landscapes while immersing yourself in the region’s diverse culture. 20 minute leisurely walk in to the serene Lapta – Incesu – Ilgaz – Malatya – Karsıyaka mountain range for some lovely nature & historical trails &  today’s remnants of the historical ancient city of Lambousa  

The Almond  surrounded by a variety of shops, supermakets and markets that offer a delightful shopping experience. Just a short walk away, you’ll find local markets where you can browse for handcrafted souvenirs, traditional textiles, and artisanal goods. Additionally, nearby villages and towns boast quaint shops selling everything from local ceramics and jewelry to fresh produce and spices. Exploring these nearby markets and shops allows guests at The Almond  to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and flavors of North Cyprus while enjoying there stay

The nearest Private hospital is only 2 km from The Almonds – Private Clinics/Hospitals in the region are well-regarded for their high-quality medical services and state-of-the-art facilities. They offer a range of specialized treatments and surgeries, attracting patients not only from North Cyprus but also from neighboring countries. While private hospitals may be perceived as relatively costly, many patients appreciate the quality of care and the availability of English-speaking staff. The cost efficiency of private hospitals is often balanced by the quality of care and the convenience they provide, making them a popular choice for those seeking top-notch medical services in the region. 

The nearest State Clinic is 2km from The Almonds. State Clinic /Hospital in the region is very efficient with emergency cases .

Hop on – Hop Off busses called ” Dolmush ”  are available from the main road ,200 meters from The Almond. They are cheap & efficient trips within Kyrenia District region From Kyrenia Town you can get further  ” Dolmush ” transport into Nicosia & Famagusta City.

Local Taxi rank is also very efficient and available on booking.


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