Cheap Hotels in North Cyprus

Cheap Hotels in North Cyprus


How to Find Cheap Hotels in North Cyprus

Do you know how to find cheap hotels in North Cyprus? Have you ever been to North Cyprus before? What can you do in North Cyprus? Are all the hotels expensive in North Cyprus or can you find a cheap but good hotel? What are the qualifications of good hotels in North Cyprus?

Almond Holidays is one of the hotels in North Cyprus. Almond Holidays provides its guests with a peaceful environment, legendary hospitality, and an authentic experience. Although it offers so much, it is very affordable. You can click on the official website ( ) to see the prices and availability.

Staying in the Cheap Hotels in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is one of the best places you can visit, especially in the summer time. You can find many expensive or cheap hotels in North Cyprus. There are many things to do in North Cyprus. You can try scuba diving, walking on the beach, jeep safari, and even boat tours. If you decide to come to North Cyprus for your holidays, you have a lot to explore.

Besides being wonderful in summer, North Cyprus is also a place full of history. There are many historical places you can visit, such as North Nicosia. One of the greatest things you can do while staying in North Cyprus is to watch turtles crack their eggs and head to the sea at night. That is the reason why there are no hotels in North Cyprus in specific places.

1 – Kyrenia Hotels

Kyrenia is one of the most popular places in North Cyprus. There are a lot of resort hotels, holiday villages, court hotels, and beach hotels. Most of the Northern Cyprus hotels are in the city center. If you are looking for cheap hotels in North Cyprus, your best option is Almond Holiday Village.

Almond Holiday Village, in the Alsancak region of Kyrenia, is a wonderful boutique hotel that has affordable room prices. You can check the hotel room prices per night at the official website of Almond Holiday Village. The hotel has a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, an exceptional  garden, wonderful restaurant and comfortable rooms. It is one of the best and cheap hotels in North Cyprus.

2 – Rich Facilities of the Hotels in North Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the best holiday centers in the world. There are a lot of hotels in Northern Cyprus. Yet, if you are looking for one of the best cheap hotels in North Cyprus, you should come to Almond Holiday Village, which is a lovely budget hotel.

3 – The Best and Affordable Hotel in North Cyprus: Almond Holidays Village

Almond Holiday Village is one of the best and cheap hotels in North Cyprus. It offers its customers exceptional hospitality, friendly staff, free internet (free Wi-Fi), amazing restaurants, bars, fitness saloon, spa, and a wonderful swimming pool. Before you go, you can read the reviews on the website. Based on the reviews, you can understand that it is quite a show to stay in Almond Holidays Village.

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