The Almond Holiday Villas & Hotel North Cyprus

The Almond Holiday Villas & Hotel North Cyprus


Almond Hotel North Cyprus is one of the most sought-after names for affordable and quality holidays. Almond Hotel North Cyprus offers many entertaining options for those who want to spice up their summer holidays. The equipment and services of the hotel clearly show that it is one of the best in Northern Cyprus. In this article, we will share with you all the details you need to know about Almond Hotel North Cyprus.

Features of The Almond Hotel North Cyprus

Almond Holidays is a well-established hotel that was started in 1999 by The Almond Family. It should also be said that the hotel, which has developed in many areas since its opening, is a frequented tourism center today. The Almond Holiday Village is a hotel located in the west of Kyrenia with a unique view.

Almond Village apartments host thousands of tourists every year. Reflecting the cultural characteristics of Northern Cyprus, the hotel serves as a five-star hotel. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the Almond Hotel North Cyprus features.

1 – Almond Hotel North Cyprus and Its Unique View

Almond tree North Cyprus is a hotel located in Kyrenia with a unique view overlooking the Five Finger Mountains. The proximity of the hotel to the Mediterranean Sea also adds more value to this view. The hotel, which is also surrounded by a mini farm and gardens, has a peaceful atmosphere.

Almond Hotel North Cyprus offers a unique holiday with the relaxing effect of its atmosphere intertwined with nature.

2 – Almond Hotel North Cyprus Cuisine

The Almond Holiday Village menu offers both traditional and international cuisine. The menu, which is known for its rich content for tourists, also includes some local flavors of Northern Cyprus.

At the same time, people staying at the hotel can cook their own meals thanks to the kitchenettes in their rooms. Offering the comfort of a home to its guests, the hotel also has facilities such as free breakfast.

3 – More Than an Ordinary Hotel

Almond Hotel North Cyprus, in the Alsancak region of Kyrenia, offers a wide range of facilities compared to many hotels in Cyprus. Especially ideal for those looking for a quiet holiday, the hotel has many possibilities. A swimming pool, children’s playground, spa, fitness center, bar, restaurant, and various relaxation areas  are some of the outstanding facilities of the hotel. Located in a popular holiday center like Northern Cyprus, the hotel actively serves thousands of tourists every year.

Almond Hotel North Cyprus has become one of the most popular holiday centers in recent times, due to its eco-friendly nature. Standing out with its mini farm and exotic gardens, the hotel also has features such as an herbs garden and vegetable garden.

Almond Hotel North Cyprus is also popular thanks to the many services it provides with hotel rooms. Air conditioning, maid service, free wi-fi, LCD TV, and a well-equipped mini-bar are the prominent services of the hotel. Being a boutique and resort hotel, the hotel’s proximity to the beach is also ideal.

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