The Best Hotel in North Cyprus: Almond Holidays

The Best Hotel in North Cyprus: Almond Holidays


What is the best hotel in North Cyprus? Have you ever visited North Nicosia before? Have you ever been to hotels north? What hotel in North Cyprus can be a match for you? What are you looking for in a hotel? What do you expect from a hotel or a summer vacation? Do you like beach holiday resort hotels, luxury resorts, or budget hotels?

Almond Holidays is a hotel in North Cyprus, and it would be fair to say it can reach and satisfy your expectations from summer vacation. It is one of the best Northern Cyprus hotels. Almond Holidays is a lovely boutique hotel in a holiday village called Alsancak, Kyrenia.

Why Should You Go to a Hotel in North Cyprus?

Why should you go to a hotel in North Cyprus? North Cyprus, is very beautiful with its golden colored sandy beaches, historical places such as Famagusta, star hotels, and so on. The sea is lovely, the sun is always shining all summer, and you can do lots of activities there.

There are lots of activities to do in North Cyprus. You can walk on the golden sands, you can swim in the beautiful sea, can visit historical places, try scuba diving, take a jeep safari or boat tour. You can even experience turtle watching. Don’t you think you have found the best hotel in North Cyprus? Come to Almond Holidays and explore more.

1 – List of Hotels in North Cyprus

When you look for a hotel in North Cyprus, you can find many of them. There are beach hotels, boutique hotels, palace hotels, bed and breakfasts, and hostels in Cyprus. What kind of holiday you are looking for will help you determine what kind of hotel you need.

2 – Hotels in North Cyprus Kyrenia

Kyrenia is one of the best places in North Cyprus. It has many places to visit, many beaches to see and many activities to try. Most of the hotel in North Cyprus, in Kyrenia is located in the city center. However, if you are looking for the best and most affordable one, it is definitely Almond Holiday Village that you are looking for.

3 – Cheap Hotels in North Cyprus

It is not easy to find a cheap but nice hotel in North Cyprus. When you have a vacation, you may want your holiday hotel to be affordable but also clean, peaceful, and well organized. You do not need to think twice. If your destination is Kyrenia, North Cyprus, the hotel you are seeking is Almond Holiday Village.

The Best Hotel in North Cyprus: Almond Holiday Village

As you can read the reviews which show that Almond Holiday Village can promise you everything you need. It provides the best quality based on price per night. It has a peaceful garden with a swimming pool. The rooms are comfortable with a free wireless internet connection.

You will also be surrounded by kind and friendly staff. To sum up, it can be easily said that Almond Holiday Village is the best hotel in North Cyprus you are looking for.

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