Special Interest Holidays in North Cyprus

Historical & Cultural Holidays

Museums, Icons & Cultural Heritage in North Cyprus – For centuries Cyprus has been influenced by the cultures of many different nations, which has led to an island with a rich and diverse historical and architectural heritage reflecting over 9,000 years of civilization. Gothic structures such as the Bellapais Abbey, the most wonderful example of Eastern Mediterranean art & workmanship, the Saint Sophia Cathedral, the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, the city of the classical period such as Salamis, Soli, Vouni & Laphetos, the crusader castles of the Five Finger Mountain range, the medieval citadel of Famagusta & the walled city of Nicosia, both open air museums, along with The Church of Archangelos Michael & Icon Museum, The St. Barnabas Icon and archaeology Museum, The Church of Panayia Theodokou & Icon Museum and St.Mamas Church & Icon Museum are just a few of the magical stops in this historic journey…

Soli, Guzelyurt Soli, Guzelyurt St. Mamas Icon Museum St. Mamas Icon Museum St. Barnabas, Famgusta St. Barnabas, Famgusta Apostolos Andreas Monastery , Karpaz, Apostolos Andreas Monastery , Karpaz, Ayios Rias Basilica, Karpaz Ayios Rias Basilica, Karpaz Stumble upon crusader castles Stumble upon crusader castles

Nature Holidays

Walking in North Cyprus – The geography of North Cyprus allows for a variety of excellent walks in varying terrain: mountain walks, those along the coastline and the splendid walks inland. Five Finger Mountains , Alevkayası, Laphetos ( lapta), Kozan, Kantara, Geçitköy, Akdeniz, Salamis (Famagusta) and Kalkanli (Guzelyurt) are well worth the walk through stunning countryside following quiet mountain trails leading to imposing Crusader castles, Bronze & Stone age villages and King Tombs. Kyrenia’s harbour front and narrow pretty back streets is another wonderful experience. The Karpaz peninsula is often considered by locals as a real treat since it is the least developed part of the island and much of its charm lies in this fact. The scenery can be stunning and you might feel that you are the only person on this island paradise. A real sense of the past still persists in this part of the island.

Walking and Trekking tours are available via Almond Holiday Village. Visit www.kyreniamountaintrail.org – This well presented website will give you 600 different routes from Karpaz, Kyrenia and Five Finger Mountains . You can put together your own itinerary.

Walking in North Cyprus Walking in North Cyprus Tracks leading to crusader castles Tracks leading to crusader castles Views while walking Views while walking Beautiful Coasts Beautiful Coasts Walking in North Cyprus Walking in North Cyprus Stumble upon crusader castles Stumble upon crusader castles

Orchids Walks in North Cyprus – Because of their rarity and beauty, orchids hold a special fascination for all naturalists. At North Cyprus, the orchid flora consists of 23 confirmed species, subspecies and varieties and a further three or five which presence needs verifying. Some species will be familiar to botanists from north-western Europe, such as pyramidal orchid and autumn lady’s tresses, but there are also more exotic species including violet limodore, tongue-flowered serapias, naked man orchid and more. No doubt more observant botanists will find these and other orchid species more frequently but we think it s true to say that they are localized and hence always a delight when stumbled upon.

Wild Flower & Plants in North Cyprus – With approximately 1900 different plants housed in its natural environment, the island of Cyprus fascinates all visitors. Almost 1600 of these species are commonly seen all around North Cyprus. Of the 120 different plants that are unique to Cyprus, 19 are endemic species which are distinctly found in North Cyprus, Tulipa Cypria & Orchid Ophrys Kostchyi being the most commonly found.

Nature Walks are most recommended from November – April , when nature wakes up and fields adopt a coat of green as the whole of the Island becomes covered with fresh growth with flowers, plants, orchids & trees blooming until the end of March.

Bird Watching – Northern Cyprus forms a resting and nesting station for birds migrating between Africa and Eastern Europe. It is possible to watch 347 different species of bird in Cyprus. However, only 46 of these are native of Cyprus, and 7 of these are the endemic sub-species (that is only found in Cyprus). 119 out of the 347 birds that can be observed on the island are of winter-migrant breeder type, and 90 of these migrate to Cyprus regularly every winter-time.

There are also birds that occasionally come to Cyprus by mistake, when they lose their groups, or their way. There have so far been 51 of this latter type recorded. Cyprus is on a north-south migration route and there are many birds in transit, some in vast flocks, some in small clusters. These migrating birds may only rest for a few days to a week. March to May is the period of north-ward migration and August to October the southward.

Butterfly Watching in North Cyprus –Being located in the north corner of the Mediterranean at the Junction of Europe, Asia and Africa makes its fauna and flora an interesting blend of familiar European and less known Asian and African species and subspecies of butterflies which have been recorded. These are: Maniola, cypricola, Glaucopsyhce, paphos and Hipparchia cypriensis.

The Five Finger Mountains will be the best area watch to see if any butterflies around there. You have chance to see especially Cyprus Meadow Brown, Cyprus Grayling, The Hermit and Eastern Rock Grayling in Alevkaya Forest between May-September. You can watch Painted Lady (vanessa cardui) throughout the year in every type of habitat.

Activity Holidays

Scuba Diving in North Cyprus – North Cyprus welcomes you to the fascinating and unique underwater world of the Mediterranean. You will find crystal-clear, unpolluted water where the marine life is still undisturbed. Underwater visibility can be more than 30 meters. Down in the deep and warm blue sea you will meet sting rays, amber jacks, scorpions, bream, grouper, cuckoo, wrasse, and now and then a sea turtle.

The underwater terrain is furthermore an ideal place for octopus and moray eel, colorful sponges, corals, as well as treasures from ancient times. You can choose from over twenty diving sites east and west of

You can experience wreck diving including the site where in the 1960′s one of the worlds oldest shipwreck was found – 2 300 years old, dating from the time of Alexander the Great. The excavated hull of the ship, together with its cargo of amphora and millstones is housed in a special museum in Kyrenia Castle.

Fishing Trips – The Almond Hotel – having its own professional fishing boat  offers deep sea fishing as well as coastal fishing from Lapta harbor.  Many excursions as well as private charter & daily sailings and fishing trips from the harbour of Kyrenia can also be arranged. The sailings are available for groups and families wishing to explore the coastline or just relax on the open sea. The season lasts from mid March until the end of November although fishing trips can be arranged all year round weather permitting.

Golf in North Cyprus

CMC Golf Course – Is only 30 minute drive west from Almond Holiday Village, Alsancak – North Cyprus. It is situated on the Guzelyurt to Leftke road in the village of Yesilyurt. Bordering the lovely coast and beautifull surroundings Cengiz Topel Golf Course is the first golf course in Northern Cyprus. It is open every day to the public. Clubs are available for hire at the clubhouse and the best days to meet and play with the local members are Tuesdays and Thursdays. A nominal green fee is charged.

Korineum Golf Club – The first 18 hole international green golf in Northern Cyprus! This course is set on the hills of Esentepe overlooking the Mediterranean coastline, and only 40 minutes drive east from Almond Holiday Village, Alsancak – North Cyprus. This brand new course has opened in January 2007, very tastefully designed for your every need providing very high European standards. Visit -www.korineumgolf.com for more details. Trips and packages can be arranged at Almond Holiday Village for Golf Lovers…

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