The Almond is the only Traditional Cypriot Resort in North Cyprus , offering a resort lifestyle where you can experience community living along with legendary local hospitality and a 100% Cypriot heritage while enjoying Independant Living in North Cyprus

This resort style villa & apartment complex has every bit of charm and service quality as a hotel would have but on a much smaller and personal scale. It is great value for money, you can say a great budget accommodation in North Cyprus but with added luxury of ” Independance as well as Service” at the same time…This asset on its own is concidered to be a great reason for  The Almond to be concidered as the best north cyprus complex .

You can enjoy the great weather, 300 days of sunshine wile living in North Cyprus and also enjoy all the Almond facilities including its community clubs, gardens, allotments, barbaque site, mini-spa, fitness, sauna and Jacuzzi facilities, the family and staff at this special complex will go out of their way to make sure you enjoy every bit of North Cyprus.

The Almond has an onsite herb and vegetable garden, fruit orchard & mini farm as well as its own fishing boat .It is surrounded by amazing gardens artfully exhibiting Cypriot antiques, artifacts – as if an open air museum…you will feel the real Cyprus at this comlex which will make you want to explore more of the Island while Living in North Cyprus …Unique souvenirs, handmade onsite to suit your order by owners… Buying presents have never been so easy and special.

Honestly you needn’t have to leave this hidden gem –but for those who wish to explore The Almond is within walking distance to the beach being The Camalot and only 1.5km & also the ancient city of Lambousa – “The Kingdom of Heritage”. It is only 8 miles west from of the Glorious Historical Town of Kyrenia and Its Romantic Harbour – Being so close, but far enough from the hustle & bustle – it is your choice to chill-out and relax or be a part of it while you enjoy Living in North Cyprus – a lifetime of holidays.

You can enjoy many walking tracks some historical from The Almond’s door step including an amazing walk to Malatya Waterall – İncesu –  Ilgaz – St Hillarion not forgetting what used to be one of the 10 kingdoms of Cyprus “Lapta”.…Near paths are Karaman Bronze Age Tombs – Kozan Monastery & Valley – Karşiyaka Monastery – Geçitköy Reservoir …

You can enjoy a leisurely walk by the sea – The Lapta walking Strip, or a walk in  the forest at Alsancak National Park.

The best beaches in the west of Kyrenia are a short walking distance or driving distance from The Almonds – Escape beach, Oris Beach, Camalot Beach, Incirli Plaj, Rose’s Beach and many more

The majority of best restaurants in Kyrenia district are local to The Almonds – Local & Specialist Restaurants.

So much to do some much to see but coming back home to The Almonds after a busy day,  for relaxation and great service will be the best part of your Life here in North Cyprus!